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Welcome to my home page!  Most of my writings are scattered somewhere around here, and if they're not, they should be.  Anyway, if you like my work, mail me at my email, which you can find below.  If you don't like it, tell me anyway, but be constructive.  Flames are a waste of time to write as well as read, whereas constructive criticism can go a long way.  I know that if it weren't for my good buddy Worldmage, I'd still have problems keeping tense constant.
Anyway, you should find the following here:
  • Legacy of a Traveler
  • Genetic Lessons
  • My original works

If you have trouble finding something, post a complaint or mail me.

Polar Kodiak

I've got no idea how long it'll take for depends on a number of things:

1) Writer's block making an unwelcome enterance into my mind. Always a bad thing.

2) Feedback from you, my readers. I find that the more feedback I get, the higher priority my writing recieves.

3) Schoolwork. Let's face it; while the school year might be a good thing for my work ethic, it sucks up a whole bunch of my mental stamina...the less schoolwork I have, the more writing I can get done.

4) Sports. Both winter and spring quarter, I have swimming and track, respectively. Those take a big chunk out of my time, because I don't get home until 6:00 pm (1800 hours military time) at the earliest.

5) This somewhat goes with #2, but fanart. If any of you out there are artists, I LOVE fanart. If you'd like to draw something up and send it to me (assuming it's not porn) I'll put it up with the next update.

Expect one to two months for updates on average.

What's New?


7/16/02, 0100 PST - Big update!  First off, LOAT Chapter II, Part II is uploaded.  Secondly, two new societies are added: The Prussian Regency and Earth, Inc.  Thirdly, Jave Harron has come out with yet another LOAT comic!  To see it, just click on the LOAT link.  Fourth, the prologue to the LOAT/Eva crossover, Genetic Lessons, is now uploaded!
Writing's moving at a great pace this summer.  See you soon!

7/14/02, 0200 PST - Chapter II, Part I is uploaded.  The other parts should be up soon.  Oh, I deleted Chapter III, seeing as how that will be under revision as well. 
Big news about GL...I'm rewriting the entire story!  Yeppers...all of it.  Instead of being Foundation/Eva, I've decided to make it LOAT/Eva...that's right.  Legacy of a Traveler, meet mainstream Evangelion!  The prologue will probably be up in a few days at the most, and read LOAT!
Oh, do try and sign the's got plenty of room.

If you have questions, comments, praises, flames, etc. Email me at

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